Our Process

One of the most frequent comments we receive from clients is how easy and stress free the process was. This is a huge factor that separates us from the rest of the industry. We have hundreds of vendors from all around the world, each of whom have hundreds if not thousands of products to choose from and customize. Because of this, there is no need to drag you around town to multiple showrooms to show you different pieces of furniture. Below is a guideline for how our interior design process works when furniture its the main scope of work. If we are helping with construction related projects, there will be additional steps to account for finish selections, site visits, more detailed project management tasks, contractor meetings, etc.

Step 1: Site Visit & Consultation

We meet with you at your home to better understand the scope of your project. We will take photos, measurements, and discuss your likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. We will discuss details such as your goals for your spaces, how you will use it, what inspires you, your desired time frame, and your budget. On this visit, we will set a date for you to come back in for your presentation.

Step 2: Concept Development & Design Creation


This is when we use our research and creativity to come up with a plan for your project. Everything is drawn out to scale, so you can easily visualize the spacing and how everything works together. We’ll pull fabric and leather samples, rugs, drapery fabric, and anything else to help visualize what your project calls for. It’s not unusual for us to text or email you a picture of something to get your feedback on a specific piece. This helps us know we’re moving in the right direction and ensures your satisfaction and excitement at the presentation. This step can take a week or two on average, but is specific to the size of each project. We can work with you on the time frame if you’re in more of a rush.


Step 3: Presentation Time

This is where we meet in our showroom to go over the details of your custom plan. This can last anywhere from a couple hours to a full day, depending on the size and scope of the project. We go over everything in depth and show you a comprehensive, detailed plan. This includes all drawings, color schemes, furniture selections, layout plans, estimates, and more. This is also where revisions (if any) will take place. It’s not unusual for clients to fall in love with the design plan we put together and move forward as is. With that said, if there are modifications that need made, we are totally with you on that. Ultimately, it’s your space - so it should look exactly how you envisioned. If there is a fabric choice you’re not in love with or a furniture selection that you want to see other options for, we will work with you until we find the perfect option. Once all the selections are made, we collect 50% of anything that is special ordered and 100% of anything that is coming directly off the showroom floor. Once your special order pieces arrive, the balance would be due at that time.

Step 4: Procurement & Project Management


In this step, we create all purchase orders, track orders, assess lead times, note any backorders or discontinued items that may delay the project, and make decisions whether or not to re-select. During this time, we stay in communication with our vendors to make sure all timelines are being adhered to.


Step 5: Installation & Reveal

This is the big day! Installations are usually done in one day, depending on the size. We ask (if possible) that you plan your day outside your home while we install so you can have a dramatic reveal (HGTV moment) at the end, instead of watching one piece come in at a time. Most of the time we do our deliveries in-house with our own truck and employees. We also have a great delivery company we work with if special occurrences call for it (scheduling conflicts, extreme rushes, etc). We like to record your reaction as you walk in for the first time. We use this for marketing purposes, as your genuine, first-time reactions are priceless. We understand not everyone likes to be on camera, so choosing not to participate in this part is totally fine.

Step 6: Professional Photography


This is where we schedule a professional photographer to shoot pictures of your space, which you will also have the right to. Don’t be surprised if your project ends up in a magazine or wins an award! We will notify you if either of these were to happen.


Step 7: Resolving Deficiencies

We coordinate directly with the manufacturer to cure any deficiencies. Thankfully this step is not needed in most cases, but we will make sure that you’re 100% happy with your finished space.